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Sleeptalk Releases New Indie Album

Sleeptalk: Track-by-track

Sleeptalk is the type of band that sounds as if it came straight out of an Indie film. Soft, filled with an upbeat yet gentle sound, and almost iconic in nature. Their newest album, by the same name, starts off with a short intro, also entitled “Sleeptalk”. The silky beat almost makes listeners feel as if they’re floating. The blend of far-away sounding voices with a slow-moving beat makes for a great opener for the album.

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Imagine Dragons – Live at Allsaints Studios

Imagine Dragons Release Acoustic EP Live At Allsaints Studios

Earlier today, Imagine Dragons released a new EP featuring a few acoustic tracks off of their recent Gold album Evolve, and one cool and unexpected cover song.

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Dead Cross’s Self-Titled Debut is What You Need Right Now…


Who the fuck cares that Mike Patton is the most versatile vocalist in America? Any time he attaches his name to a project it might as well be smacked with diamonds. Whether it is vocal maneuvers with Bjork, his foray into pop music with Peeping Tom, or the stellar vocal duties on Faith No More’s cover of “Easy”, he is enigmatic and hard to ignore. One of my favorite projects of his is the avant-garde, noise-fuck of Fantomas with Melvins King Buzzo, and the ever-underrated drummer Dave Lombardo. Slayer, Faith No More, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits, Fantomas, The Locust, and all other projects aside, Dead Cross might be the sexiest of the bunch.

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Dale Crover – The Fickle Finger of Fate

Dale Crover has built a solid foundation as the drummer for the Melvins during their 30+ year existence. The band has inspired countless sludge, metal, and alternative acts to slow it down, make it loud, and get weird. I love them, always have, their output and energy has always boggled my mind with creative dustings outlasting many of their contemporaries.

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Goldfinger – The Knife

The Knife Album Review

After a  lengthy nine year hiatus, Goldfinger has released their seventh studio album via Rise Records. The Knife was made possible with help from a few punk icons- MXPX bassist Mike Herrera, Story of the Year guitarist Phil Sneed, and the legendary Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

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Capital Cities – Swimming Pool Summer

Swimming Pool Summer EP Review
Jaydee Grice

Swimming Pool Summer is just how it sounds– a great playlist for the growing heat and days spent swimming. It has a very unique sound, typical of Capital Cities, but even more electronic than most of their previous releases.

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Heirlooms: Audience – The House on the Hill

When I was about 16 I had a girlfriend that I spent most of my time with. I eventually moved into her house with her family. Unfortunately, I was kind of a dick, but didn’t really know I was a dick, so…there was that. But across the street from her house lived a large, gray-haired, burly man named Jim. Jim was larger than life, reminded me of an overweight Gandalf, and was the coolest mother-fucker I knew at the time. We would sit on his porch, I would watch him carefully pack weed into a mysterious clear pipe and we would talk about music.

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