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Heirlooms: The Alarm: Strength

The Alarm: Strength, and Walk Forever By My Side

In our heirloom series we feature under-appreciated classics that are deserving of a bit more recognition and adulation. Today, I take a look at The Alarm’s 1985 classic Strength, with a deeper look into my favorite song from the album “Walk Forever By My Side,” including thoughts from the man who wrote it, Mike Peters.

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Album Review: BJ Wilbanks

When we talk about the term Southern Rock, there are many that conjure up the long-haired redneck hanging a confederate flag out the back of a beat up pick-up truck screaming “Freebird”. However wrong that picture is, Georgia crooner BJ Wilbank’s blows all those stereotypes out of the water. Whatever you think that term is, Wilbanks offers an augmented version. His mixture of gospel, R&B, Motown, and Skynyrd is infectious and it shows on his newest, self-titled freewheelin’ slow-roll; best for a backyard Barbeque, as it is dancing in a sweaty dive bar.

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Album Review: Anathema – The Optimist

Anathema began their career all the way back in the 90s as, believe it or not, a doom metal band touring with the likes of Cannibal Corpse. They have come a stellar long way. The Liverpool, England band have had multiple lineup changes and have experimented with multiple sounds moving from their metal beginnings to a progressive, atmospheric, often anthemic style.

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China Gate – Good Grief Review

Album Review: China Gate’s Compelling New EP

Another five-piece indie rock band hailing from Memphis released an EP last week. You might think, “ho hum.” But in this case, you’d be wrong. The band is China Gate and their new offering, a four single release titled Good Grief, is well worth a listen.

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Something Else – The Cranberries

Album Review: The Cranberries’ Something Else

Something Else, the latest release from The Cranberries, is a sweet homage to their older songs as well as a bright introduction to something new.

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The Dream Eaters Enter Indie Scene with New Release We are a Curse

We Are A Curse – The Dream Eaters

The Dream Eaters have introduced themselves to the indie scene with their April 2017 release We are a Curse. It is a record that melds despondent, echoing vocals, with gently finger-picked guitars and at times dissonant electronic background noise to create a pensive, lullaby-like experience for the listener.

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Heirlooms: Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells a Story

Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells A StoryThere are so many rock music signatures from so many iconic musicians over the years. Think Mick Jagger’s lips,Steven Tyler’s microphone scarves, Angus Young’s schoolboy outfit, Alice Cooper’s makeup, and Gene Simmons’ boots. I know there are more, but too many to name.

One of those signatures involves Rod Stewart’s rooster head of spiky, blonde, gleaming, sugary hair. “Rod the Bod” as he has lovingly come to be known has had such a varied career.

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Crystal Fairy’s Self Titled Debut

Crystal Fairy Album Review

Crystal Fairy, The Melvins, Le Butcherettes, At the Driive InDale Crover and King Buzzo can do no wrong. The two have been the torch bearers for sludge metal for nearly 30 years, and have been doing it well. The duo have been flying under the radar, just high enough to get noticed, and long enough to influence a multitude of musicians and artists.

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