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Interviews with Rock and Roll artists

A Conversation with Berlin’s Iconic Singer, Terri Nunn

Terri Nunn is the voice of the grossly underrated rock band Berlin. She has produced a crazy, large body of work from her time as an actress, to belting the signature song from the Tom Cruise, behemoth of a movie Top Gun. She has been keeping the Berlin fire warm touring with her own version of the band for some time. Terri has recently reunited with writing partner, and original Berlin member, John Crawford to record and tour behind a new album. She also took some time to sit down for a lengthy interview with RARA’S farm to discuss her acting career, the song that put the band on the map, and her love of Heart’s Ann Wilson.

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Interview with Kevin Lyman

Kevin Lyman Shares Words of Wisdom

Last weekend at Florida Music Festival, we were lucky enough to have Kevin Lyman, the founder of Warped Tour, roaming around the festival and appearing at conference sessions. Lyman is the kind of person everyone hopes to be if they become famous—approachable, kind, and down to earth.

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Eddie Money Interview

Shakin’ With the Money Man Before He Rocks Orlando’s Velvet Sessions

Eddie Money is a legendary performer who ruled rock music airwaves for long stretches of the 70’s and 80’s.  Despite some well known struggles with addiction, he’s stood the test of time and is doing better than ever.  Simply put, Eddie has got his act together. He’s happy, he feels great and he still has that iconic voice. Orlando rock fans are the beneficiaries, as he’s headed to The City Beautiful for this week’s Velvet Sessions.

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Interview with Alex Di Leo

Rockin’ Performance + Interview with Alex Di Leo

Singer and songwriter Alex Di Leo was one of the artists to make an appearance at the Florida Music Festival in Orlando this weekend. He played the Church Street stage on Saturday, and put on a lively show that got the audience moving. Starting out the show with his most popular hit, “So We Go”, Alex’s performance was an energetic blend of alternative and pop that captivated fans.

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Mike Peters is Love, Hope, Strength

The Alarm’s Mike Peters Talks About Love, Hope, Strength and more

A this year’s Van’s Warped Tour Lineup announcement, I was fortunate to bump into legendary front man Mike Peters, of The Alarm.  The Welsh rocker is a fantastically caring person as you’ll discover in the interview below.  His participation in this summer-long tour across the US serves two purposes.  It’s a way to introduce a new generation to the music of The Alarm and more importantly to Peters, it’s a chance to save lives.

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Big Something Frontman Talks Touring, Inspiration, and Future Plans

Big Something has begun to earn their place on the festival circuit and become a household name for fans of groovy rock meets jam band music. I recently had the opportunity to discuss Big Something’s upcoming tour with the group’s frontman Nick MacDaniels. He explained the group’s unique sound and filled us in on what Big Something has in store for the future. Check out what he had to say about inspiration, touring, and the future of Big Something.

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Paul Nelson Talks New Record and the Legacy of Johnny Winter

Paul NelsonPaul Nelson is a Renaissance Man. Singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist, Nelson played with Johnny Winter and earned a Grammy Award for “Best Blues Album” as the Producer of Winter’s 2014 record Step Back. Nelson was also Executive Producer on the Johnny Winter documentary film Down and Dirty. He recently released a record with his band entitled Badass Generation with a sincere nod to the 70’s music that inspired him to pick up a guitar.

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Martin Barre – A Rock ‘n Roll Soul

Legendary Jethro Tull Guitarist Martin Barre

My Freshman year of high school sucked.  It was my only year at the snooty regional Catholic school. I didn’t fit in, and I was saddled with long bus rides every day.  But there was a silver lining, my stoner bus driver Walt, introduced us to Progressive Rock, and all of the magic that was Jethro Tull.  As a skinny tied, skinny runt, I fell in love with the guitar of Tull’s Martin Barre, and this week, I had a chance to pick the brain of a legend who continues to tour prolifically.

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