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Rarasfarm – Post 1,000!

…So, thanks for stopping by, as we try to grow into a worthwhile Rock and Roll forum.

With that quick quote, I wrapped up my first post on this new site six years ago.  Did I manage to start something worthwhile for rock music fans all those years ago?  That’s debatable, but damn, these first 1,000 posts have been entertaining… for me, at least…

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Bucket List: Seeing U2 at Croke Park, Dublin

I’ve been a U2 fan since I first heard Edge’s frenetic guitar lick that kicked off “I Will Follow.” Up until that time, I was a classic rock kid growing up on the tasty album rock my uncles had served up for me, but this was something fresh… and new… and special. Adam Clayton’s bass pacing the way, thunderous drums from Larry Mullen, and that passionate Irish voice of Bono’s. Damn near genius.

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A Dedication to Chester Bennington

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Touched Many Lives

To be completely honest, I don’t know of an accurate and appropriate way to start this piece due to the recent events surrounding Linkin Park’s front man. Chester Bennington (RIP 1976-2017) was a light in my young life, someone who wore his heart proudly on his sleeve and broadcasted to the world, with an open mind, the anguish that follows mental illness.

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Heirlooms: Audience – The House on the Hill

When I was about 16 I had a girlfriend that I spent most of my time with. I eventually moved into her house with her family. Unfortunately, I was kind of a dick, but didn’t really know I was a dick, so…there was that. But across the street from her house lived a large, gray-haired, burly man named Jim. Jim was larger than life, reminded me of an overweight Gandalf, and was the coolest mother-fucker I knew at the time. We would sit on his porch, I would watch him carefully pack weed into a mysterious clear pipe and we would talk about music.

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Heirlooms: The Alarm: Strength

The Alarm: Strength, and Walk Forever By My Side

In our heirloom series we feature under-appreciated classics that are deserving of a bit more recognition and adulation. Today, I take a look at The Alarm’s 1985 classic Strength, with a deeper look into my favorite song from the album “Walk Forever By My Side,” including thoughts from the man who wrote it, Mike Peters.

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