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Mad Love for Depeche Mode – Throwback Thursday – SOTD

Let’s talk about Depeche Mode…

The band has been around for 30+ years and has a new record out called Spirit. The band also has the rude celebrity of being linked to bad line dancing at weddings, albeit with the tremendous song “Personal Jesus”, usually crunched somewhere in between “Shout” and the “Macarena”. Now, while I have imbibed at weddings, and have gone the route of making those mannequin movements of said line dance, I was never a fan of the band until about 5 years ago.

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Good Vibes at the 2017 Gasparilla Music Festival

Gasparilla Music FestivalThe 2017 Gasparilla Music Festival was a pretty rockin affair with a multicultural and genre-bending lineup of local and national acts. The two-day festival showcased better than average talent with some acts that have jumped onto my list of new favorite bands. Located on the banks of the Hillsborough River with downtown Tampa, FL as the backdrop, the venue seemed larger than the small Curtis Dixon Park that it encompassed. Throughout the four stages, there was nonstop music, sunshine, and warm weather to propel the vibe of the show forward.

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Throwback Thursday SOTD: Mother Love Bone – “Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns”

Mother Love BoneMother Love Bone were the darlings of the Seattle music scene in the late 80’s. The band was primed for superstardom before the untimely death of lead singer Andrew Wood. Our Throwback Thursday Song of the Day is the melancholy earthen movement of “Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns”

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Throwback Thursday SOTD: Lou Reed – “Perfect Day”

Perfect Day – Lou Reed

To celebrate what would have been Lou Reed’s 75th birthday, our song of the day is his 1972 hit “Perfect Day”. The song was the B-Side to Reed’s hit single “Walk on the Wild Side” but an argument can be made that it’s a better song. “Perfect Day” was on his second solo record , 1972’s Transformer, a beautiful album that was produced by none other than David Bowie and Mick Ronson. The duo went so far as to play on the actual single with Ronson handling the piano and string arrangements, and Bowie on keyboards. Their influence is all over the record, and can be felt wholly on “Perfect Day”.

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SOTD: Milky Chance – “Ego”

Milky Chance is a multi-platinum German pop duo that writes the most infectious melodies that sting like earworms on a Spring morning.

They continue this pattern on their newest song “Ego” from their highly anticipated second album Blossom, out March 17th on Republic Records. The song is a soulful, energetic, mixture of electronics and glittery guitar that is instantly infectious.
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Crystal Fairy’s Self Titled Debut

Crystal Fairy Album Review

Crystal Fairy, The Melvins, Le Butcherettes, At the Driive InDale Crover and King Buzzo can do no wrong. The two have been the torch bearers for sludge metal for nearly 30 years, and have been doing it well. The duo have been flying under the radar, just high enough to get noticed, and long enough to influence a multitude of musicians and artists.

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SOTD: Rough Church – 5 AM Shadows

Song of the Day: Rough Church

Rough Church formed in 2005 in Los Angeles. The band is a throwback of sorts to the forgotten 80s sound of melancholy and
nostalgia. They were signed to New Zealand’s PowerTool Records in 2006 and released their first five albums in the states on their own label Beautiful Workhorse Records.

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TBT Rollins Band – Liar

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins is a badass. I try to listen to him every chance that I get…. He’s fucking hilarious, and mostly on point. As in the 1994 single “Liar” from his stupidly underrated album Weight. The song, and it’s accompanying video, tread the line between absurdity and terror. Rollins poetry is front and center and is only usurped by his gawkish growl. The video is the same with Rollins parading around in red devil paint and yelling “sucker” at the tv screen.

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