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Will’s Pub Celebrates 20 In Style

Richard Sherfy All God's Children Will's Pub 20th
Richard Sherfy & All God’s Children at Will’s Pub 20th

Last Sunday, Will’s Pub demonstrated just why they’ve become such an important part of the Orlando rock music scene as they celebrated twenty years of memorable rock ‘n roll in their cozy Mills Avenue venue.

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The Mowgli’s Announce Fall Tour

The Mowgli’s exploded onto the Alt-Rock scene a few years ago with the exceptionally likeable and addictive “San Francisco.” Since then, they’ve released two full-length albums crammed full of upbeat, positive vibes and exceptional harmonies.

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Fun Pop Punk From Norway

Short Skirts are our favorite Norway pop punk rockers… okay, so maybe the only Norwegian punk rockers on our radar, but that doesn’t diminish how damn fun their new song is. Check out their video for “I Like It Short” to grab just a little taste.

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The Wizards of Winter Announce 2015 Tour

TSO Announces Holiday Tour

Yeah, for rock purists, they might be considered a bit of a gimmick… we get it, but Trans-Siberian Orchestra are also a bunch of madly talented musicians, who consistently deliver a powerful visual and sonic experience that’s well worth the ticket price.

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New Music / Tour From Carbon Leaf

Carbon Leaf News

Richmond, Virginia rockers, Carbon Leaf have done it again, as they are set to release the re-imagining of their 2006 release Love Loss Hope Repeat on August 3rd with their new album Love Love Hope Repeat Reneaux (LLHRR). This re-recording follows the band’s successful approach with Indian Summer Revisited last summer.

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The Rightovers: Blue Blood Album Review

The Rightovers – Album Review

Julie Harrison

“…Holmes’ lyrics sing of an easy drive through a Utah highway, spinning vinyls…”

At first listen the 10-song LP release Blue Blood from The Rightovers is an easy piece of music to get on board with. Within an 8 second intro, as the first track “Valerie” scratches into your speakers, you know this album will take you to a warmer place; a back porch, a swing with your toes in the sand, where everything bears a soft tint of yellow. After that first hook a simple, melodic beat and even vocals take you through “Valerie” and bring you to my favorite track on the album. Already you want to take this album out of your Monday-night kitchen and into Saturday’s backyard bonfire.

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Check Out The Latest From Raw Fabrics

Dead Instruments Video Released For The Masses

Los Angeles based rock trio Raw Fabrics has been creating fun, dance-driven, hook-laden rock music for the past few years, and they’ve just released the video for one of their most creative efforts to date.

“Dead Instruments” is a catchy dance-rock anthem guaranteed to cling to your musical subconscious with its catchy beat and lyrics. It’s a synth-driven pop rock hit drenched in sweltering distortion that’s a blast to listen to.

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