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Just Like Before, Only Totally Different

With all apologies to John Kennedy Toole, I wanted to introduce you to a new idea here at Rarasfarm.  We are a rock music blog who have been toiling around the rock music scene for years.  As it turns out, no one really cares about my long-winded reviews from the past, so we will be shaking things up a bit.

Today, we will roll out a new review concept: Panel reviews.  We have assembled a crack team of folks who love to write about and critique rock music. They will individually provide quick, insightful and potentially even humorous looks at new music, and then we will develop an overall score.

The cast of characters are diverse and interesting group of characters that have peppered my life, sort of like the denizens in Toole’s acclaimed novel.  By the way, I hated the book, and can only hope this concept has a better impact on my life than Toole’s did on his.

Review 1 will be out tonight, and if it does not totally suck, more will follow.  If it does suck, more will still probably follow.  Check back soon and judge for yourself.

If you want your new song to be reviewed by these self-proclaimed experts, let us know.

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