REverist at Florida Music Festival 2018

Florida Music Festival 2018 Delivers Top-Notch Experience

Impressive Lineup Highlights 3 Day Orlando Festival

We cover many Florida festivals here at RarasFarm, most of them have bigger bands, bigger budgets and bigger crowds, but this longtime Orlando fixture is always one of the highlights of our year.  2018 was no exception, as the music was as good as ever.

Let me just get my one complaint out of the way before  digging into all of the goodness that was FMF 2018.  The crowds are too small. Not sure what it will take to get local fans out on the streets and into the clubs of downtown Orlando, but these artists, and the folks who put on this fantastic event deserve more love from the locals.  So, if you did not go this year, get your ass out there next year.

Alex DiLeo at The Wall Street Stage at FMF
Alex DiLeo at The Wall Street Stage at FMF. Photo by Jackie Creedon.
Here are a dozen reasons why you should have been at Florida Music Festival 2018:
  1. It is free.  As in it does not cost anything. Zip. Zilch, Zero. Nothing. Nada.
  2. This year there were over 100 bands, covering many different genres.  Something for everyone.
  3. These are Florida bands playing original music.  One weekend a year celebrating these amazingly creative performers is a true gift.  For you… and for them…
  4. The performances are spread across 8 stages at 7 different venues. What other time will you get to check out so many cool Orlando venues, including the timeless Cheyenne Saloon and the revitalized Social.
  5. It’s a logistical masterpiece.  100 bands and everyone starts on time and gets off the stage on time, allowing everything to run like clockwork.
  6. Miller Lites were $3… Everywhere. If you have been downtown drinking before, you realize that this is a good thing.  A very good thing…
  7. The crowd is filled with people in the music business, the artists, management, publicists, music accountants and lawyers, Orlando City bloggers,  and even a few dopey media folks like myself.  Fun and interesting conversations everywhere.
  8. There is a ton of talent passing across these stages.  Taylor Swift played here when she was 14, Less Than Jake, Supervillains and Seven Mary Three are a sampling of the many bands to play here.
  9.  Surprises – Last year we bumped into Kevin Lyman founder of the Warped Tour on the street, and this year Will Hunt of Evanescence was a special guest with his new band Thirst.
  10. Stretch your horizons – as we grabbed some grub at a get-together at Sideshow, we heard two amazing young ladies dish out memorable performances with their amazing voices.  Josie Pantoja and Riley Resa were 13 and 15 respectively!
  11. Orlando is a great walking city and May is an awesome time to stroll around and spend some time at the fantastic outdoor spaces around The City Beautiful.
  12. Finally – there is no greater feeling than discovering talented new artists with bright futures, as we did with Reverist, The Getbye, Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent and Ella Jet & Future Soul.

So there you have it.  Get your ass out to FMF2019, and say “hello” to the tall goofy guy with the Miller Lite in his hand…  No excuses…

Kudos to the dozens of Florida Music Festival 2018 volunteers working the event.  Everyone does a great job, and this event runs so well due to their commitment and dedication.

And a special thanks to Stephanie Christie who is a fantastic host to us media types.  Thanks!

Check back tomorrow for our spotlight on the top bands at FMF 2018.

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