10 O'Clock Chemical

10 O’Clock Chemical

SOTD: Babylon Is Fallen

10 O’Clock Chemical are a bright new light on the electronica/rock scene who have made a quick impression on our radar.  The young UK quartet have been making music for  a few years, and seem poised for a breakthrough.

“Babylon Is Fallen” is catchy, electro-synth dance rock.  Honestly, that’s not our typical niche hear at Rarasfarm, but this one is addictive as hell and favorably reminiscent of Kasabian.  Good music with meaningful lyrics.  Check out our Song of the Day!

“Babylon Is Fallen is about the unveiling of illusion and the birth of skepticism, especially in the current climate we coined the term ‘fake news’. It’s a cry for liberty in the midst of our activities being increasingly surveyed, our speech policed and a call to revolt against the mundane order I believe has been put there by a much higher, darker source of power.”

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