2017 Vans Warped Tour

2017 Warped Tour Rocked at Vinoy Park

Vinoy Park – 2017 Warped Tour Wrap-Up

Warped Tour is so much more than a concert, or festival, it’s a true experience. Braving the heat, crowd surfers, and ever-changing weather conditions with thousands of other music fans made for a crazy, but enjoyable, day.

The first band to catch my attention was The Fantastic Plastics, who were quirky, strange, and interesting enough to make me stop in my tracks. One of the singers was wearing a mask, which caught my eye, but it was their music that really pulled me in. The funky, techno styled beats were unique, making them a good band to keep an eye on in the upcoming year.

After The Fantastic Plastics, I was able to see Jule Vera perform for a second time, and was equally impressed with their performance as a band. They have a very good stage presence for a smaller band, and are strong songwriters as well.

Attila came on after Jule Vera, and they gave a great performance. Fronz has a pretty good way with words, and has a knack for making people like him. He even brought his son on stage to meet the audience. Attila’s performance was definitely the most engaging.

Next I was able to catch blessthefall’s performance for the second time, and was impressed, as always. Though they have been doing music for a long time, it doesn’t seem that they lost their love for the art of performing. Blessthefall is one of the bands that so many strive to be like, and are great models in the music industry.

After blessthefall, I saw Bad Seed Rising perform, a concert that I was definitely looking forward to. Though I had only heard a few songs by them before this show, I was incredibly impressed by their lead singer. A strong feminist, and iconic person, she goes from full-on screamo to hitting high notes in seconds, and it’s an awesome thing to watch. Usually there are two separate people for those different elements, but in this case, she pulled it all off by herself. Bad Seed Rising brought the most talent to the table, in my opinion.

Neck Deep was the next show, and albeit being a bit rushed, the performance was really good. They played two of the songs that they had just released, along with some of their older, more popular hits.

American Authors came onto the stage after Neck Deep, and gave an awesome performance. They were just quirky enough to fit in with this year’s lineup, and very kind for being such a big act. One thing I noticed about the bands this year is just how down to earth they are, and that’s a nice thing to see in this line of work.

Never Shout Never’s throwback set was the last act of the night, and it surely was a grand finale. They played my personal favorite, “On The Brightside,” and told the story behind the song, and its meaning. I enjoyed the ukulele playing, and the feeling that it was a smaller concert, even with such a big act. They even had a person from the audience pick the last song.

I think my favorite part about the 2017 Warped Tour is that there were so many stages, and options, that there were never too many people in one place. The whole time, it just felt right. Everyone was able to see their favorite bands, but no one had the same taste, which was awesome to experience.

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