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Warming Up with City and Colour at the Beacham

City and Colour Show Review

On this chilly Tuesday evening, I warmed up at the Beacham to tunes by City and Colour. Having been a fan of theirs for years but never seeing them live, this was an ultimate treat.

The band started off with a few new songs to get the audience together. Dallas Green, jumping in immediately from one song to another, is relentless with his vocal talent. His smooth angelic voice floats across the airwaves to excite the crowd while the band supports that notion.

He glorifies the aspect of performing with such elegance, only speaking to let us in on his start to music. It was a cute little excerpt back to his main inspiration and to the audience’s pleasure, Green put the spotlight on his high school teacher who was beaming with pride. With his voice you’d be shocked to know that he was hesitant to play in front of crowds. To wrap that segment up, he played a fun twist on the old but popular “Hello, I’m in Delaware”. Such a fun surprise to the older fans but also tantalizing the ears of new fans alike.

After the set, we waited for the house lights to come on. To our surprise, out comes Green to play a multiple-song encore. Starting off solo, Green played “The Girl” true to its wits and the band came out for the second half of the song. By that time everyone was shouting lyrics with a playful back and forth with Green. They continued to play a few more songs before calling it a night.

If you ever get a chance to see City and Colour, please do yourself the favor. You can’t get this organic experience from any other band.

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Ronni Villanueva

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