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Untraveled Roads with Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch Release Live Album – Untraveled Roads

Creating an impactful, meaningful live album has always been a challenge for rock bands.  For every legendary Live At Fillmore East or Live At Budokon, there are just as many forgettable Who’s Lasts and Tokyo Dome Live In Concerts littering the cutout bins.  TFK’s upcoming live release, Untraveled Roads manages to avoid the pitfalls experienced by The Who and Van Halen, and they deliver a damn good live album.

TFK have toiled on the hard rock circuit for the past twenty years, where they’ve developed a fervently passionate fan base.  And, in an era where bands change members as often as Trump flips cabinet members, it’s impressive to see the same core trio still in place for the past 18 years.

Untraveled Roads was recorded during this year’s 46 city Winter Jam Tour Spectacular, and features tracks off of the band’s last three albums, which were bursting with active rock hits. When you combine that stable of popular rock songs with the cohesiveness and talent that Thousand Foot Krutch possesses and a passionate fan base, you get the perfect recipe for a memorable live music experience.

Trevor McNevan’s vocals are stellar throughout Untraveled Roads. He’s got a dynamic voice and charismatic stage presence.  He’s an under-appreciated front man who shines on this album.  His band mates, Joel Bruyere (bass), Steve Augustine (drummer)and tour guitarist Andrew Welch are sharp throughout, as well.

The album kicks off with thirty seconds of an amped up crowd beckoning the quartet onto the stage until the  band explodes into a killer version of “Running With Giants,” which is immediately followed by a pristine performance of “Light Up the Sky.” Afterwards, we get the first of several engaging interactions between McNevan and his fans.

(You can check out the full track listing below)

Kudos to the band for delivering a well-produced and supremely well-mixed album where the crowd is always present, but never over the top.  It’s a real challenge on live recordings, and pulled off masterfully on Untraveled Roads.

Other album highlights included the title track, “Untraveled Road,” “Let The Sparks Fly,” my personal favorite “War of Change” and the incendiary closer “A Different Kind of Dynamite.”

The independent album releases worldwide on Sept. 15th on TFK Music, with management, marketing, sales and distribution through The Fuel.  Pre-orders for Untraveled Road are available here beginning August 18th.

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Untraveled Roads track listing:

1) Running With Giants
2) Light Up The Sky
3) The River
4) Push
5) Untraveled Road
6) Let The Sparks Fly
7) Born This Way
8) Courtesy Call
9) Be Somebody
10) War Of Change
11) The End Is Where We Begin
12) A Different Kind Of Dynamite


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