Remembering Tom Petty – How well did you know TP?

Tom Petty Trivia

At Rarasfarm, Tom Petty was one of the few artists who we all loved, and his surprising death pushed us all into an incredibly sad funk.  So, we decided to celebrate his life a little differently – in a fun way.  Take our quick 10 question quiz and see how well you recall the many memorable contributions from the legendary Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame member.



What was the highest charting single for Tom Petty, either soloor with the Heartbreakers?

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"Free Fallin'" peeked at #7. The only other Top 10 song from Tom Petty was "Don't Do Me Like That" at #10

How many studio albums did Tom Petty record with the Heartbreakers? (does not include live/compilations)

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13 studio albums, 3 solo and at least 5 live/compilations...

Tom Petty played at many festivals over his long career. Which one of these did he NOT play?

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It was before his time, but there weren't many he missed in the ensuing years.

Where was Tom Petty born?

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He occasionally played there throughout his career, too.

Which song featured the lyric "with one foot in the grave"?

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I was born a rebel. Down in Dixie on a Sunday morning. Yeah - with one foot in the grave, And one foot on the pedal, I was born a rebel

Which of these artists was NOT in the Traveling Wilbury's with Tom Petty?

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Bob Dylan was the fifth member, not Neil Young, but imagine those possibilities...

Bands are eligible for induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after their first album. When were Tom Petty & Heartbreakers inducted?

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They got in on their first ballot, along with classmates The Ramones and Talking heads.

Peter Bogdanovich's documentary film on Petty's career was titled?

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This 1985 video was voted one of the Top 10 of all time and featured Petty in a freaky Wonderland

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What was Tom Petty's best selling album - and according to our Cretin, one of the Top 25 albums ever?

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The 1979 album was the band's third and was certified Triple Platinum.

How Well do you know Tom Petty
"Yer So Bad"
You have heard of Tom Petty before, right?
"Even the Losers"
You get lucky some time...
"Running Down A Dream"
You know your Tom Petty trivia - way to go
"Without A Shadow of A Doubt"
You are a Tom Petty expert. Way to go!

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Once you have completed our little Tom Petty trivia test, treat yourself to this video.  It truly catches the unique vibe that was a Tom Petty show.

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