Ted Nugent Interview

Ted Nugent Interview

Ted Nugent Interview with Leon Jonjock

Hello Ted Nugent Fans!

We are back on the road again, and this rock n roll road trip never ends.  Today I catch up with one of America’s favorite guitarists – TED NUGENT!  Michigan’s Motor City Madman, is back with a killer show loaded with classic hits.  Nugent is currently touring the USA – with yet another highly acclaimed tour in 2017.

Here’s the quick email interview we did with the legend.

Leon: Hello Uncle Ted, The release of Ultralive Ballistic Rock on DVD & CD was a high point for the fans. Many great classic songs and tributes to your favorites from the Motown Era.  What was your highlight of this live recording?

Ted Nugent: I’m surely the luckiest guitar player in the world. Throughout my unbelievable musical life I have been surrounded by the world’s greatest most gifted musicians. Every night, every song, every gig!

The unbelievable intensity of my fellow music lovers each night would be more than enough to propel my concerts to godlike heights, but when you add a gathering of gung ho spirit of the wild Blood Brother outdoors fanatics to the mix, you have scary spiritual liftoff that most musicians cannot imagine.

If you look into the eyes of my audience, you witness the best of humanity! The connection is beyond the human experience and we captured it.

Leon: Your New Equipment is wearing the fans out. What makes this brand of equipment so much better than your last rig set up?

Ted Nugent: I play my guitar every day and never stop looking for the next ultimate tone, voice and sound. I constantly tweak these new amazing Blackstar, Fender and Kustom amps to unbelievable richness, heavy, edgy, fat, greasy guitar tone heaven.

I am currently dancing on the ultimate mountaintop of guitar noize!

Leon: Will you release a new version of the Nugent Guitar for fans to buy?

Ted Nugent: Sure sounds like a wonderful idea but no concrete plans as of yet.

Leon: Greg Smith on bass guitar has really held his own over the past few years with you. Would you say he was one of the best you’ve had over the years?

Ted Nugent: Without a doubt. Greg, like all my incredible musicians, lives the music to the max. With Greg Smith on bass and Detroit killer Jason Hartless on thunder drums, my music is the best damn music there is. Anyone not having fun with us is weird.

Leon: Now that you live in Texas, can we call you a Southerner?

Ted Nugent: Sure, why not! I’m a full time all American Southerner, redneck, Midwestern red, white & blue shitkicker! We love Texas, but I still spend a lot of time each year in my beloved Michigan and Detroit. I will forever be the Motor City Michiganiac.

Leon: With the recent election won by Donald J Trump, do you feel we as Americans are gonna get back to doing the right things now?

Ted Nugent: Thank God there is finally good, solid, WETHEPEOPLE light glowing in America right now but we still have untold target upgrades before us. The culture war in America can best be described as the battle between workin hard playin hard shitkickers that bust our ass to make America strong by earning our own way and kickin maximum ass versus soulless weaklings who have been brainwashed into thinking they are entitled to a free ride. What the hell is social justice?

What sort of fool can imagine income equality as dictated by bureaucrats and government thugs? I dare anyone to attempt to explain those drug inspired fantasies in meaningful terms. There are multi-scatterings of various and associated issues and concerns, but it all boils down to accountable people versus those unwilling to be accountable.

Leon: With every talking point with you over the years, you have impressed the hardest critics, and people listen to you for advice, which makes sense to the common man, will this bring you to run for public office someday?

Ted Nugent: I currently perform the most important political duties an American has the responsibility to perform, I experiment in self-government on a daily basis, fulfilling my “we the people” duties to monitor and guide our elected employees to adhere to their oath to the US Constitution and demand accountability from them.

If enough Americans determine I could do a better job in public office and Mrs. Nugent and my beloved family agree, there is no limit what I am willing to do for my country.

Leon: If you could say something to the fans for over 50 years of being your fans, buying your albums, supporting your tours – and believing in your vision and outlook on life — what would you tell us?

Ted Nugent: Thank you – thank you – thank you, from the bottom of my greasy American BBQ heart and soul to all real music lovers everywhere for all these outrageous years of support, spirit, attitude and energy! My killer band and I celebrate every song, every night, every gig, every city like absolute animals! There are no words to describe our shared love of the music with all serious music lovers everywhere! Swear to God I can’t wait to play my amazing songs again this summer. We will not let you down!

Rock like you mean it! We do!
God Bless you all – my family – and friends –
Love Ted

Thank you Uncle Ted Nugent for the interview, and the longest running tour in the USA. Over 6600 concerts, over 50 years of stage shows, and we the fans, and media will be there for the next one.

We have enjoyed the shows and the time we spend with you on every tour. Thanks again to Linda Peterson (Ted’s Rep), Toby Nugent, Shemane Nugent , and the Nugent Team for the access – What a great team you all are!

We’ll be back again with the CONCERT REVIEW from the Jacksonville show!

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