DAvy's On the ROad Again - Manfred Mann's Earth Band

TBT SOTD: Davy’s On the Road Again

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Davy’s On the Road Again

Every music fan is familiar with their Bruce Springsteen re-imaginings, particularly the wonderfully recreated “Blinded by the Light.”  Then there are the classic rock hits like “Mighty Quinn” and Manfred Mann’s “Doo Wah Diddy.” They also had a slick 80’s radio hit with “Runner,” but, my favorite Manfred Mann’s Earth Band song was this live cut.

I’ve been in a live music stupor lately having just reviewed the new live Thousand Foot Krutch and now previewing the upcoming live Alter Bridge release.  That has me wondering about the best live albums ever, which has been a fun diversion, and I fondly reminisced about this track for the first time in a decade.

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“Davy’s On the Road Again was never a huge hit, but most rock fans of the era knew the song. I happened to stumble across it during a live music radio special when I was a college DJ, and it was an instant favorite.  I fell in love with the cool road vibe that highlights the travails of a lonely hitchhiker.

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band is woefully under-appreciated, and this song shows off Mann’s synthesizer brilliance, as well as the drumming of Chris Slade and guitar work of Dave Flett.  But, for me, the highlight is the distinctive vocals of then vocalist Chris Thompson.

It’s worth a listen, so check out our Throwback Thursday Song of the Day, “Davy’s On the Road Again.”

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