TBT SOTD from Cream “NSU”

Cream – NSU

49 years ago today, Fresh Cream was released in the UK.  Fueled by Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton, they were the first real rock super group.  Most fans remember “I Feel Free” as the first track on the album, but it wasn’t even included on the UK release, but “NSU” sure was.

The Bruce-penned track is a pre-cursor to what we know as hard rock, and a song that Hendrix reportedly fell in love with.  Bruce explained the meaning of “NSU”

“N.S.U.” was written for the band’s first rehearsal. “It was like an early punk song… the title meant “non-specific urethritis. It didn’t mean an NSU Quickly – which was one of those little 1960s mopeds. I used to say it was about a member of the band who had this venereal disease. I can’t tell you which one… except he played guitar.

Check it out and pay attention to all three musicians, who shine at different times throughout.

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