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Beru Revue: Trouble – Our TBT Song of the Day

Beru RevueYou may have noticed a tendency on Facebook these days for miserable people to incessantly bitch and complain about anything, especially their friends’ political viewpoints.   But amidst that constant stream of crap, there are often nice little nuggets that make navigating the Facebook cesspool worth the effort.  Earlier this week, I saw a post on a friend’s timeline that made my week.

As I dscovered live music and started to voraciously frequent local venues, I fell in love with Philadelphia’s most creative and talented rock band… ever.  Beru Revue was different. Their music was different, the lyrics were different, their vocals were different, and their live show was very different.  But the songs were masterpieces – too distinctive to ever win commerical appeal – but all fun creative nuggets.

If you weren’t from Philly you probably won’t enjoy this nor get it, but trust me, it was special.  Six uber-talented musicians, a dozen costume changes, and songs about trains, judges, a rock ‘n roll rodent, flying women, and all sorts of trouble. I loved it and I miss it. And, listening to this makes me so much happier than you waxing eloquent on either how horrific or amazing President Trump is depending on your genius perspective.  You keep pontificating, and I’ll dig into this “Trouble” and soak in the joy it brings me. “I don’t lkke your timy thinking…”

Thanks to Rob Gallagher, a stranger to me, but obviously an awesome dude who gave me something to smile about.
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