Where the Light Shines Through

Switchfoot Features Latest Album on Florida Tour Dates

Switchfoot Heads to Florida on the Heels of Where the Light Shines Through

Have you ever listened to an artist your whole life and then when you hear their newest album it shakes you to the core wondering where this magnificent different sound came from? That would be the question I asked when I first heard Switchfoot’s latest album, Where the Light Shines Through.

I was looking at upcoming concerts and decided to give their 2016 album another listen.  They will be one of the first bands to headline at the new Orlando Amphitheater at the Central Florida Fairgrounds at the end of this week.

I like the entire album since it’s a breath of fresh air and it sounds so clean and positive. With a total of fifteen tracks, Where the Light Shines Through goes from topics discussing self-control to your scars shining like dark stars, but the wounds are where the light shines through and so on.

One of the first songs that caught my attention on this album was, “I Won’t Let You Go.” This song is a gem considering it’s all about pain tied to the past, and how letting it go with the help of trusting a higher power can elevate your life in ways beyond what you ever imagined. “When fear is your currency, and you feel that urgency. You want peace but there’s war in your head. Maybe that’s where life is born, when our facades are torn, pain gives birth to the promise ahead,” is a wonderful statement to the masses. It’s basically saying that eventually the pain of a fake entity (façade) inside you will force you into aware consciousness, and that is where you will find your higher power and help you find your true loving self.

Where the Light Shines Through

“Looking for America” is a true reckoning of the issues facing all Americans today. In the lines, “America you so pretty, but you not perfect. Confession of guilt is worth it, these people hurting deserve it. Blood on your hands I saw, when there’s blood on this nation’s floor, but its blood on the upper post of your door, if you need to know. I’m looking for your honesty in skeletons, Do away with your ignorance and arrogance. America the land of immigrants, check the green card and pedigree. Bless the Choctaw and the Cherokee, that we’ll never see,” shows the violence on our streets between brother and sister, man and woman.

On this tour, Switchfoot is typically featuring 5 or 6 tracks from “Where the Light Shines Through,” which should lead to a great show.

This is a highly charged album full of wonderful lessons that more people could do to learn. It could help the collective human consciousness grow towards love and compassion tempered with open minded understanding.

Switchfoot plays three Florida dates this weekend; Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville. Make sure you see their Looking For Summer Tour with Lifehouse and enjoy the collective vibe of all the fans.

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Heather Fennell

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