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The Stolen – Fragile Heart EP

Fragile Heart EP Review

The band that MTV News and Substream Magazine  labeled as “The Maine with a jersey-boy, Springsteen vibe,” with a “sound like summer feels,” has released a brand new EP following their 2016 smash-hit EP, I’m So Dead.

The Jersey boys just finished up their ‘Fragile Heart Pt. II’ tour and will now be co-headlining a cross-country tour which kicks off September 6th in Los Angeles with south Florida based pop artist Jake Miller. The tour wraps up with a few Florida dates in October.

The Stolen are a talented young band with a very strong up-beat pop rock vibe, honing the type of catchy alternative riffs and melodies that justify why they toured with bands like Neon Trees and the All American Rejects and played festivals such as Warped Tour and Surf & Skate.

I’m So Dead provided fans of the band with a bunch of pop rock jams. Fragile Heart has a more chilled-out, serene sort of feel to it. You can hear it in the beautifully played open string guitar chords and the echo-y & reverb-y solo patterns that add an old school flare to these new age songs.

On first listen you’re immediately hit with an overall indie-pop vibe, but after multiple, it’s hard not to note the nostalgic 80’s overtones at the album’s core, especially in “Euphoric,” a song with a great music video:

One of the first thoughts I had after watching this was already pointed out by multiple YouTube commenters; this video has a Stranger Things vibe! The band even added the famous Stranger Things font on their self-titled wall poster.

The adolescent kids endlessly exploring on their bikes was definitely the main parallel to the show.

The video, directed by Felipe Gomez, is said to evoke memories of “the first taste of freedom and the nostalgia of night adventures in adolescence. The band even chose their own siblings to play the roles of the boy and girl.

We wanted to reflect the innocence of youth. The filming of the video was a very unique experience for us.”

“We chose our younger siblings to take roles as underlying connections to ourselves.” 

Get tickets to see the band live with Jake Miller, and stream The Stolen’s new album Fragile Heart HERE.

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