Gone Too Long - The Rocket Summer

SOTD: The Rocket Summer – Gone Too Long

The Rocket Summer Has Been Gone Too Long

In advance of their quickly approaching and much anticipated Do You Feel 10 Year Anniversary Tour, The Rocket Summer have released a compelling new single, “Gone Too Long.”

The song is another fantastic song from the creative Bryce Avary.  On the intoxicating track, we find Avary playing all of the instruments and doling out intimate, introspective lyrics.  He explains, “Sometimes I’ll hear a song or smell a certain smell or just some sort of deja vu moment happens and it causes a sense of missing something that’s deep within me but I can’t really put my finger on what it is. Creating a feeling that maybe part of me drifted away from myself without ever really realizing it was happening at all along the way.”

Checkit out, this one is going to be a hit:

Tour Info

The tour kicks off on July 20th in Austin and includes two early Florida stops, Orlando on 7/25 and Tampa on 7/26…
Rocket Summer Tour

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