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SOTD: Reckless 4 – Hell Bent

“Hell Bent” – Reckless 4

Thank God for the Canadian rock scene.  Our friends North of the border seem to still appreciate good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, as we hear in today’s Song of the Day. “Hell Bent,” a bluesy rocker from Ontario’s Reckless 4, has many of the traits that made American rock ‘n roll great a few decades ago.

Reckless 4

Much like their Canadian brethren Monster Truck, they fuse elements of Southern rock, guitar rock and gritty vocals to deliver a damn good rock song.  The pieces come together perfectly in an invigorating garage rocker best enjoyed with the volume cranked loud.

We asked the band to share a bit of insight into the song and the album. Check it out:

“This is the first song and title track off our new album Hell Bent. The album is about being Hell Bent determined to do what you want to do, and in this case it’s making it in the music industry. The song specifically is about using the same determination to get the girl of your dreams.”

Here’s the stream/share link:

Purchase the song here: “Hell Bent”

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