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SOTD: Project Mantra Offers Gritty Rock

Project Mantra – Scream For Me

I’m loving “Scream For Me,” the urgent new rocker from Project Mantra.  Their new single, from the recently released Moonlight Over Vagabond EP, fondly reminds me of The Drowning Men who just might be the most under-appreciated band of the last decade.

“Scream For Me” starts off with an isolated, poignant guitar line, and gradually builds into a raucous and visceral opus.  It’s one of the most compelling songs I’ve heard this year, and the vocals are emotive and passionate.  Sadly, because commercial radio absolutely sucks, this one will never get the attention it deserves.  But damn it , it deserves your attention.

The members of Project Mantra describe “Scream For Me:”

“Inspired by Twin Peaks and paying homage to existential pop culture storytellers, the song grapples with religious normativity, and elemental imagery. The character struggles with what he is taught, and accepts that what he thinks he knows may not tell the whole story.”

They even throw in nice “Fire Walk With Me” references.”  Enjoy!

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