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SOTD: Hayden Calnin’s “Collision”

Hayden Calnin’s Dark New Offering

The haunting, sultry music of Hayden Calnin’s newest release, “Collision” is used to simply draw the listener into the poetry of the lyrics.

Not for the feint of heart, the subject matter appears to be suicide.  As you would expect from a song on this subject, it is filled with questions.  However, the type of questions are not what you might expect.  This song focuses on the last moments in the life of a desperate human being crashing purposely into a wall.  And the author doesn’t want to know why as much as he wants to know what was going through his friend’s mind in those final seconds.

“Did you yell or were you silent?  Did you think to turn around?  Or were you just too far down?  Did you think you’d go right through?”  Wow!  Powerful words that evoke a deeply human emotion too often left alone:  there are people every day taking their own lives which means that there are people left behind with questions that will never be answered.

“Did you look straight at the wall or did you turn away?”  These questions do not seem that important to know; but perhaps understanding precisely what was in the tortured mind of a person committing suicide may hold the key to controlling this epidemic.  Suicide rates are continually on the rise and statistics currently report that 121 people kill themselves in America every day.

All of us need to be more aware of just how prevalent suicide is in order to be mindful of the signs.  Hayden Calnin’s haunting ballad has certainly done that to me.

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