Glenn Proudfoot

SOTD: Glenn Proudfoot – Broken

Glenn Proudfoot Delivers Killer Guitar Rock

Another day and another import rock artist delivering excellent new rock…  Today, we feature Glenn Proudfoot, a guitar master from Australia with his scorching, guitar-driven “Broken.”

The song features Proudfoot’s superb axe work, including a few incendiary solos. He also boasts a damn good rock ‘n roll voice on a track that has all the ingredients for mass appeal.

Proudfoot shared: “It was my goal to dig a little deeper with this album, both musically and melodically, while still maintaining the tough, gritty, organic and technical elements of music that I love so much. While I was focused on pushing into some deeper areas of both my lyrics and music the one thing that I wanted to keep constant was the intense riffs and big solos, the guitar is the definitive driving force behind every song on this album.”

“Broken” is the first single from his soon to be released album Fire & Rain. It hits the streets on Friday November 17 through Bird’s Robe Records. In the mean time, crank up the speakers and enjoy some fantastic guitar rock from Glenn Proudfoot.

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