Glen Phillips - Photo: Ashtin Paige

SOTD: Glen Phillips Tugs at the Heart Strings

Song of the Day: “Go” by Glen Phillips

I’ve always felt that one of the saddest things in life is unrequited love (ala “Romeo and Juliet” by Dire Straits).  But Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips has taken that a step sadder in his new music video “Go.”

Aimlessly wandering along the rocky shores of Connecticut, Phillips is a lonely, tortured soul confessing his love while at the same time telling his soul mate to “Go.”  His love is so deep that he cannot bear to keep this woman in his life knowing that there is no “happily ever after” with him.  This is the old, “It’s not you it’s me” break up line but it actually feels truthful.

The comparison of this break-up song to a lighthouse beacon warning ships away from rocky shores may sound lame to those of us who have been dumped, but the rich melancholy of his voice combined with the soulful, beautiful mixture of guitars and violins as backdrop, makes you feel sorry for him.  As much of the video is run in rewind mode, you realize that he truly wishes that he could rewind the clock and save this person the heartache he is about to deliver.  But, in the end, he knows that the only thing he can do is be honest in this moment.

In a time of break-up’s by text, this truthful, heart-felt sayonara song may be a beacon in a sense beyond the lighthouse analogy.  This is a beacon to all the people who will be involved in future break-up’s to have the courage to simply tell the truth.

Of course, if you’ve got a nice voice and can play soulful music, that would help too. 

Rock on!
Steve Wildwood

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