Hear the FXRRVST Through the Trees

If not for the fact that tonight’s chilly 50 degree lows seem nearly inhuman to me, I think I’d like to spend some time in Canada.  Our neighbors to the North keep delivering catchy, interesting new rock, like “Tidal Wave” the new track from Toronto’s FXRRVST.

FXRRVST (pronounced forest), is real life couple Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes, who love each other, our planet, and catchy-as-hell alternative rock.

The new single is the first off of their debut album May XXVI and it’s a poppy ear worm that shows the duo’s promise.  Forrest’s voice is distinctive and vulnerable.  Interestingly, she at times reminded me of French singer Soko.  “Tidal Wave” also features a pristine guitar track from Fuentes that deftly carries the song.

Good stuff – check out our Song of the Day:

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