FAERS – Last of Our Kind

We exist at Rarasfarm because we love rock ‘n roll.  You wouldn’t realize it from listening to commercial radio, but we know there’s a lot of great rock ‘n roll still being created by true rock souls.  Today’s track from London’s FAERS is more proof that the rock ‘n roll spirit still has a pulse.

“Last of Our Kind” is a reflection on today’s state of guitar music and a tribute to their childhood heroes The Maccabees. We asked the band to provide us a bit more insight into the tune:

“‘Last of our Kind’ was written as a response to the current critical debates surrounding guitar music. The chorus was imagined as if it were being sung in some post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-style wasteland, by the last guitar band in existence.”

The song boasts a definite psychedelic bent but it also hearkens back to the halcyon late 80’s days when the atmospheric guitar rock of bands like Echo & The Bunnymen ruled the airwaves. It’s a tasty indie rocker that leaves us thirsting for more. Crank up the volume and check out “Last of Our Kind:”

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