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SOTD: Fireflys – Grace

New Americana from The UK: Fireflys “Grace”

I’ll admit that I first listened to this track because I noticed an endorsement from Mike Peters.  Those who read here regularly know that I hold a very a special place in my rock ‘n roll heart for  the former Alarm front man.  Of Fireflys, he described them as “a good mix of REM and The Gin Blossoms.”

I can see similarities, but on the new song “Grace,” the vibe is much more Americana and much less pop rock.  Like with Peters, I sense a bit of an emotive, soulful, back country sound. And perhaps it is no surprise that the band’s hometown of Runcorn, England is only about 10 miles from the Wales border.

“Grace” is a songwriting gem, featuring the intimate vocals of guitarist Lee Wylding. It’s an infectious song that boasts a live, authentic feel which is so welcome in today’s over-produced world. The song is not a heavy guitar song, but with three guitarists, the music is rich and deep. Check out our Song of the Day below.

“Grace” will be released on Fireflys upcoming Strawberry Moon Records release on November 24th.

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