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Dez Money: Take Me Down

I just wrapped up an interview with the eminently likable Eddie Money. During our chat, Money proudly mentioned the musical accomplishments of a few of his children, and I was intrigued to hear more from his son Dez who is working on new music with his band Dez Money & The Faze. What I discovered when I played “Take me Down” was an intoxicating song that seems perfectly suited for radio.

Of course, we all know that rock radio today is an abysmal wasteland, so this late 2014 track never made it to local Orlando airwaves, but it should have. “Take Me Down” spotlights Dez Money’s vulnerable, emotive vocals and a stylistic arrangement that drips through the speakers. It’s quite different than the music that made his father a classic rock legend, but it’s compelling in its own right. Give it a listen while we wait to hear his new music.

You can learn more about Dez Money & The Fave here: Dez Money Facebook

And make sure you keep in touch with us to read the Eddie Money interview – a fun, rambling discussion on a host of topics, particularly his upcoming show at Hard Rock’s Velvet Sessions this Thursday, April 27th. Snag your tickets here: Hard Rock Velvet Sessions.

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