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SOTD: Black Satellite – Blind

Our Song of the Day: Blind from Black Satellite

Damn, there is something good happening in the New York Alt-rock scene these days, and the latest example is Black Satellite, a talented duo originally from State College PA, who can’t help but release catchy, compelling new rock.

“Blind” is the second single off of their forthcoming new album Endless, and it’s catchy as hell.  The song immediately explodes through the speakers and never relents.  It’s a crossover hit waiting to happen. Kyle Hawken, one half of this dynamic duo delivers slick guitar riffs throughout.

Hawken’s guitar is an ideal foil for Larissa Vale’s gritty vocals. She’s a commanding presence who delivers the lyrics with urgent passion. Vale reflects on the inspiration for”Blind”, “There comes a point in time when you don’t have the time and energy to deal with someone else’s bullshit; especially when it becomes toxic.” You can feel the angst in her voice, and it fits the music perfectly.

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