Sleeptalk Releases New Indie Album

Sleeptalk: Track-by-track

Sleeptalk is the type of band that sounds as if it came straight out of an Indie film. Soft, filled with an upbeat yet gentle sound, and almost iconic in nature. Their newest album, by the same name, starts off with a short intro, also entitled “Sleeptalk”. The silky beat almost makes listeners feel as if they’re floating. The blend of far-away sounding voices with a slow-moving beat makes for a great opener for the album.

Following “Sleeptalk” is “Indio, California”, which carries the same vibe without becoming redundant. Sleeptalk manages to take a theme throughout their album without every song sounding the same, which is a hard skill to attain, but they pull it off effortlessly. One particular element of “Indio, California” is that they keep repeating “don’t be afraid of a little sunshine”, which goes so well with the theme of California, as well as the traveling vibe the song carries.

“Midnight/3,2,1” starts off much differently than the previous two songs on the album. With a sharp beat and resounding drums, it opens with the beat sounding alone. It then carries into some soft vocals which are reminiscent of the intro song of the album. What’s particularly captivating about this song is how it combines the vibes of the first two songs of the album, while also carrying its own, unique beat.

The next song on the album is “Young”, which has a more lively, upbeat sound than the previous songs. A guitar rhythm opens up the track, and carries into a vibe that is almost punk-like in nature, a first for this album. “Young” has such a refreshing sound, and is the perfect choice for it’s placement on the LP.

“Bright Eyes” is the kind of song that makes listeners want to fall in love. It has the feelings of a first love, and how that love progresses as time does. It was the first song to be released from the new album, with good reason, too. It is the kind of song that gets listeners hooked on a band.

“Bones” opens with a chilling, cool beat. The words only enhance the sound of the song, and truly paint a picture of how the artist was feeling when he wrote it. The far-away, soft sounds of voices, that are cut to before the chorus, can send chills down listener’s spines. This song is captivating because it has such a different and interesting vibe from those before it.

Sleeptalk Album

Next up is “Pure”, which is slightly more electronic in nature than those before. The song is instrumental, yet so emotional, similar to the work of Explosions in the Sky, yet with a unique twist that shows Sleeptalk’s own style.

“Strange Nights” is a song about something that so many people can relate to. It opens with the lyrics, “what a long, strange trip it’s been”, which is a theme often prevalent in literature. It’s a song highlighting how far they have come, and how they want to keep pushing, and that’s something that almost everyone can relate to in one way or another.

The following song, “February”, is a classic Indie love song, which is perfect, because there can never be enough of those. The story in the song is captivating, a love story gone awry, and trying to piece it back together. The vocals also manage show off the lead singer’s abilities well during the chorus.

“Love” is an interesting song because it isn’t a typical love song. A strange mix of indie pop, and almost a little punk, it seems to be a cry for an old lover, rather than a celebration of love itself.

Next is “What a Shame”, which is very spacey and electronic, carrying that theme throughout the album and almost to the end. The far sounding vocals make the song sound mystical, and add a layer of mystery to the song itself.

“Drift Away” completes the album with a catchy beat and captivating vocals. Everything in this song is flawless. The warm sound combined with a slow vibe makes this song a standout piece for this album. Sleeptalk does a great job of finishing strong, and really managed to nail this album.

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