Self Help Festival

The Self Help Festival provides Self Help Music to the Masses!

ADTR’s Self Help Festival Comes To Orlando

This year I have the privilege of announcing to our fans an event that will be going to four U.S. cities, including Orlando, in 2017 & 2018. Launched in 2014 by the band, A Day To Remember, it is known as the Self Help Festival.

The Self Help Fest is a great event that showcases Rock ‘n Roll bands with a positive message in their music. In the past, they have had only three tour dates set, but this year they will be implementing a fourth date, known as the encore bash, set for 2018 in San Bernardino, California. The first show in Philly at the Festival Pier on September 10th has A Day To Remember as the headliner with special guests; Underoath, Falling in Reverse, Moose Blood, Silverstein, Real Friends, Stray from the Path, Angel Dust, Cant Swim, The Plot In You, Bad Omens, Wage War and Microwave.

The second location will be happening in my own town of Orlando, Florida on September 30th at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in the Amphitheater. The Lineup changes a bit with A Day To Remember as the headliner and special guests; Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, Moose Blood, Real Friends, Dance Gavin Dance, Wage War, Attila, A Plot in You, State Champs, and The Story So Far.

The third date set for Detroit, Michigan on October 8th at the Michigan Lottery Amphitheater will bring A Day To Remember with Rise Against and special guests; Pierce the Veil, Underoath, Falling in Reverse, Of Mice and Men, Issues, Moose Blood, Wage War, Sylar, Too Close to Touch and The Plot in You.

When I was researching this festival, I happened across a quote to describe why the Self Help Fest is so important and it comes from none other than the Front man of ADTR, Jeremy McKinnon.

“Its based around the fan base of our band and the genre we play in, we wanted to put together something that would take care of the bands as much as it takes care of fans. Our motivation to do it every year really comes from the fans. They come back to this music to get through tough times in their lives.”

ADTR Self Help Fest Orlando

To say I am excited about the Orlando event is an understatement. With so many passionate and open messages about hope and survival entangled with the pain of living in today’s modern world coming from these artists, it’s a breath of fresh air. The Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle is not so motivated by sex and drugs anymore.

The challenge of this music has become a massive bid to affect the way the world is going and to change it for the better. I do believe that is why ADTR called it the Self Help Festival because so many youth and adults are tired of the conventional ways of treating the madness that presides over us and in our heads. A lot of people listening to this music will say it helps them get through their day. Taking charge of our own health through music has been a huge release in my life considering I used music to forward my morality and thinking and it has lead me to being a confident and compassionate adult.

I am happy to be going to the event in Orlando to give a review of the show and I hope you all will join me in celebrating another successful year of the Self Help Fest.

~Rock On~
Snak Pak Fennell

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