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Rock Festivals from an “Old” Chick’s Perspective

This was my first full two-day Welcome To Rockville experience ever, and I thought I’d share a bit with you.

Ok let me first say – it’s exhausting! Especially if you’re like me and want to catch at least a few songs of every single band. It’s a good 20,000 step a day kind of event!

But in the end it was worth it. I always come out of any festival liking some new music, disliking some music, and I usually have rekindled the love of a band I haven’t listened to in a while. This year that band was Three Days Grace. If you haven’t listened to them in a while – listen – shuffle through albums – there’s not one song that I have to hit the “skip” icon for.

Three Days Grace in Orlando
Three Days Grace in Orlando from the Rarasfarm archives

They were pretty awesome live, too. “Chalk Outline,” “Riot” and “Break” were a few of my favorites that day (ok – it was really hard to narrow that down to just those three), and when I left I wondered why I haven’t been listening to them more. Well …. now I am!

You can see the full setlist below

Thanks Three Days Grace – I’ve missed you!

Rock On!
Jackie Creedon

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Three Days Grace Setlist

I Am Machine
Animal I Have Become
Chalk Outline
The Good Life
Never Too Late
I Hate Everything About You


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