Blitzen Trapper

Remember Those Wild and Reckless Days!

Blitzen Trapper premiered the title track from their new album Wild and Reckless which is due out November 4th.  And if this song is representative of the entire album it’s going to be a fun record.

The song is an upbeat, thought-provoking anthem recalling those times that everyone has experienced to one extent or another:  wild and reckless.  Of course, one person’s wild and reckless can be another’s tame and cautious but that’s the beauty of art – the unique and personal interpretation of the same words.

Eric Earley’s voice is soulful, even, and easy to relate to, and sing along with.  The music starts with a simple piano accompaniment but quickly grows into a wonderful wall of guitars, drums, keyboards, and harmonica that will almost certainly get you on your feet shouting – perhaps like you did in your wild and reckless days.

There is one thing that all of our “wild and reckless” days have in common and that is the feeling of complete freedom and that feeling, for most of us, seems to escape over the years.  Blitzen Trapper wants you to remember that feeling.  That first crush, first chase, first fight, first drag race, whatever.  Those days when you felt really alive.

Of course, those long forgotten feelings of complete freedom begs the question in the song, “Were they the best days of our lives?”  Maybe.  But if Blitzen Trapper continues to put out records like this one, something tells me their best days are yet to come.

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Steve Wildwood

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