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Raising Cadence – “Never Tell Me the Odds”

Today we feature another talented Orlando rock band about to release a new album.  “Never Tell Me the Odds” is a tasty pop rock offering off of Raising Cadence’s forthcoming EP Take Me Higher.

The latest single is a full-bore alternative rock track interspersed with some catchy elements of hip hop. “Never Tell Me the Odds” is an invigorating selection, and a song that taps into he sound that dominates today’s alt-rock landscape.

The Orlando rockers offered this insight into the song:
This song dwells into the topic of self-doubt and not allowing yourself to grow because of these ideas that we may at times implant in our own heads. Ideas like not being able to achieve certain goals, or telling yourself you’re worthless. This song is a conversation with one’s self on overcoming that self-doubt and taking control of what’s rightfully yours…Your life.

Check it out here:

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