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Located in Daytona, Florida, Nova Rex was formed in 1985 during the “hair metal revolution.”  The band has been through years of hard work, and today they are still rocking hard across the U.S.A.!  We catch up with the guys, literally hours after their set at the Sold Out Rocklahoma Festival.

The band is currently on tour , and fans are flocking to see the guys everyone talks about from right here in Florida.  It’s great to have Kenny Wilkerson , and Eddie Cruise , from the band with us today for a quick interview !

Nova Rex Band Members

Kenny Wilkerson – Bassist, Vocals, Bottomline
Eddie Cruise – Drums, Vocals, Midnight Rambler
JP Cervoni – Guitar, Vocals,  Riff Maker
Adrian Adonis – Vocals, Master Ring Leader
Nova Rex is carried on Quantum Records


Hello everyone – so glad to have you as guest today in our magazine. I can’t believe the history and accolades you guys have received over the 32 years – congrats. VH1, MTV, Netflix, and other TV Shows, constant touring and press interviews. How do you get through it all and still play with so much excitement?

Kenny – Ego – that’s the fun part of the job. 

The band has been ranked as one of the Top 50 HAIR METAL BANDS of all time. This is a very well respected accolade – coming from the music industry and the fans. What makes this band different from all the other 80’s metal bands?

Eddie – We like to have fun, interact with the crowd, and we like to give people a real rock show – plus we are still here”!

Your new CD, Rock Star Roadshow is being released soon, with high anticipation this year. What are you hoping for and expecting for the new release?

Kenny – It’s been a long time coming for the fans. It’s always fun to have new songs to play for the old and new fans. “Nova Rex 2.0”.  Charting the new release on Billboard would be a plus.

What has been your most memorable experience – in the years you’ve been in this band?

Kenny – After 32 years of this, there are a few.  The first time I heard our song on the radio, also taking my mom to the Smithsonian Museum in DC to see the “Nova Rex” memorabilia – on display – and of course, this interview!

Nova Rex

Your favorite towns to play on tour?

Eddie – We love being on the road, playing to both big and smaller venues. Anywhere there are “Nova Rex” fans showing us love – and making new fans.

The fans’ favorite 3 songs from the band?

Kenny – Fan favorite songs are our power ballads, “Think of Me”, “Turn It Up Loud” is a crowd favorite, – and one of our new songs, “Bosoms & Beer” is quickly becoming the fans rock anthem.

The band has some killer cuts from the “Rock Star Roadshow” CD – Congrats on that release! What are your favorite memories from that studio recording?

Eddie – “Bosoms & Beer” was fun because we were just goofing off and wrote the thing in 15 minutes”.

We also know you have been ranked by VH1 ,  as one of the best GLAM BANDS of all time.  Is it the music? the stage shows? the lyrics,  the make up?  What is it that makes your band so special?

Kenny –  It’s all the above.  Rock n roll isn’t pretty – that’s why it wears makeup.  TM Nova Rex Inc. 

List of Awards
  • Smithsonian National Museum of American History
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library and Archives,
  • Hard Rock Cafe, Johnson County Museum.
  • Ranked in the Top 50 out of 100 Greatest Glam bands from the 80s by VH1.

Will the band release a DVD by Christmas for the fans?

Kenny – We may have a live album by then if you’re on the nice list. 

What song would you like the band to play – for a cover song – to mix things up in the show?

Kenny – Anything by Vanilla Ice – Ha Ha! 

What are the future plans for the rest of the year and 2018? More Touring? Festivals? Studio?

Eddie – Yes!

Will the band play Vegas?  Nashville?  Orlando?  Dallas?  Jacksonville anytime soon?

Kenny – Yes, yes, yes, yes, maybe!

The fans are super excited as we are that you guys have kept it together this many years. We respect bands like yours  that keep the music alive from our ever dissolving era – HAIR METAL!

Any last words, surprise announcements, that you’d like to tell your many fans across the World?

Kenny – Just thanks for supporting us – and rock n roll, and get a copy of Nova Rex: Rock Star Roadshow.  Come make some memories at a Nova Rex show!

We had a blast with Nova Rex tonight and can’t wait for the Rock Star Roadshow being released in a couple weeks. Thanks to the band, the band’s management teams, Lisa Norman, and everyone affiliated with the band.

Make sure you see Nova Rex on tour, catch the new album released soon, and check out the band’s Facebook and website!

We will be keeping tabs on the band on this tour – so read all about it right here each month at Rarasfarm.

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