No Trigger

No Trigger – Adult Braces EP

“So I mean I ditched the bandana
Got a haircut, wore a clean shirt
Signed up for night classes
Got adult braces
Tried to sort that shit out straight
Thirty-five and still alive
I’m spinning straight into adult oblivion ” – Holy Punks

It’s been 5 long years since their last LP Tycoon was released, but the punk rock boys from Massachusetts are back and better than ever.

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Goddamn this EP is f*cking good.

I have a love for melodic/hardcore punk that shifts from fast-thumping sped-up in-your-face punk rock into huge, catchy pop sounding choruses with gang vocals backed by infectious guitar licks. No Trigger is punk-sounding enough to throw down catchy punk bangers, and hardcore enough to not get enveloped into the pop-punk subgenre.

These dudes have it all. They also have a great sense of humor.

When will you die?

“Dogs On Acid,” is a more alternative sounding track that features  piercing screams from vocalist Tom Rheault and overall melodic hardcore goodness. Songs like “Sleeping Bags,” and “Holy Punks,” are definitely more of newer age punk rock jams.

Regardless, all these songs are flawlessly executed – “4 singles, 4 f*cking earth-shattering hits”- as their label Bird Attack Records puts it. These dudes have a lot of talent, I love how they’ve stuck to their punk roots, and I’m stoked to see how they progress over the years.

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