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My neck is Still sore from Together PANGEA show!

Together PANGEA Show Review

How can I philosophically and soundly tell you how great the show at The Social in downtown Orlando was on September 23rd? The high punk energy of the bands could give a person one clue about this lineup and let me tell you, I was loving every minute of it and so was the crowd from start to finish.

I have come here several times to know I won’t be disappointed because of the amazing staff, music, and atmosphere. If you are vigilant enough, you can look up in the rafters ofeh the ceiling and see some old school artwork of this historic building that is reported by locals to be haunted. It just so happens I found evidence in Orlando’s history that could give rise to such a belief. The location of the Beacham Building is in the same exact spot where several condemned prisoners were executed by hanging (How gnarly) but moving on…

Daddy Issues at The Social. Photo: Ben Costa.
Daddy Issues at The Social. Photo: Ben Costa.

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The first act up was a delightful sounding trio of women known as Daddy Issues. This Nashville based grunge band had me going at the first song to the last with their signature sound mixed with dauntless and candid lyrics that call out issues like patriarchy, mental health, and gender roles.

I love how their music brought me back in time to the 90’s reminding me of Hole, The Cranberries and Garbage with a flare of today’s most current social dilemmas in the lyrics. Their energy onstage was very fitting for their music and I could clearly see the emotion pouring out into the crowd that gathered there in the pit in front of the stage.

The next act, equally awesome and again, very signature sound while presenting an interactive twist with the crowd onstage is Tall Juan. Their show starts with one man, the lead singer and guitarist, Juan, onstage with his beautiful acoustic guitar. He starts playing in a way that reminds me of The Ramones with a Latin fusion which is no surprise after learning during conversation that Juan was born in Argentina (I couldn’t place that accent) and had moved to New York.

Tall Juan at The Social. Photo: Ben Costa.
Tall Juan at The Social. Photo: Ben Costa.

After a bit, he decided to invite a few crowd members onstage to play the drums and the couple of people who did volunteer did a great job of keeping up with Juan’s freestyle guitar moves. Eventually, the rest of the band got up there and the pit in front of the stage became a party pit of headbangers.

The third and final act of the night, the ones I’ve been listening to in my iTunes for the last two weeks and hold in high opinion was together PANGEA. One of my many reasons for liking these guys are the fact that they exhibit traits of a band with heart that doesn’t care about fitting into labels or believing what everyone else believes. They are willing to break past the mold of what people define as normal within the many different rock genres.

Together PANGEA
Together PANGEA. Photo: Ben Costa

I listened to contrast between the older album (one of my favorites) and the current one and I like what I hear. With the metal, grunge, punk rock sound that is present in Badillac, to their newer millennium style garage punk rock that graces their newest album Bulls & Roosters.

Together PANGEA delivered an impressive set, and I’m excited to follow this band to see what they come up with next. I know I’ll never regret going to any live show of theirs for the intense energy, professional stage presence and a crowd full of headbangers that don’t stop.

It’s no wonder to find out that the original designer (Braxton Beacham Sr) of the building wanted to put state of the art theater equipment inside. Beacham Theater hosted a troupe of Vaudeville acts in the 1920’s. Then, later under different names, it became a familiar place for bands like The Pixies, Soundgarden, and The Replacements which made it one of my favorite historic venues to attend and I will keep attending.

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