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Neck Deep Releases New Album Today – Our Review

The Peace and the Panic, Neck Deep

Neck Deep is set to release their new album, The Peace and the Panic, tomorrow—and it really lives up to the hype. This album combines smooth vocals, punk rock, and even a bit of metal, offering a mix of sounds that are sure to please everyone.

“Motion Sickness” was a great way to start off the album, with such a catchy beat and interesting sound. It also manages to incorporate the album’s title in the song—perfect elements to make it a great song.

“Happy Judgement Day” carries on the sound of “Motion Sickness,” with interesting lyrics that make it wholly unique. It’s really obvious in this song what message the singer was trying to convey, which is always nice to hear.

“The Grand Illusion” changes up the sound of the album a bit, veering towards a more emotional theme which is definitely nice to hear.

“Parachute” has an even softer sound than the previous song, and a catchy beat. The lyrics in this song talk about living in the moment and not being afraid of what will happen, a really nice concept that isn’t expressed enough.

Neck Deep Peace and the Panic

The video for the next track was released on the 13th of August, in the first 24 hours after release, “In Bloom,” gained 226,042 views—with good reason. The song begins with a very unique intro, then leads into a soft punk sound. This song is raw, emotional, and easy to relate to. Songs like this are so important for bands, because they create a real emotional connection between the singers and their fans.

“Don’t Wait (ft. Sam Carter)” is up next, and changes up the sound yet again, leaning a little more towards harder rock, and even screamo in a few parts. The lyrics are the best though because it raises a good point, “what if God was the beggar in disguise? Would it make any difference? Would you open your eyes?’

A voicemail left by the singer’s apparent “girlfriend”, opens up “Critical Mistake,” leading into him questioning himself and his abilities to be a good part of her life.

“Wish You Were Here” follows, opening with a very soft acoustic sound, yet still carrying the punk vibe. This song is very similar to “December,” from their last release. This song brings out a lot of emotion and sadness, but is also easy to relate to.

“Heavy Lies” paints a picture of two people in love that have no cares other than one another. Truly being caught in the moment with another person, and not being able to focus on anything else.

“19 Seventy Sumthin’” has a totally different beat, and a lot less of a punk sound than their previous releases. This new sound is definitely a good play for the band, as it expands their capabilities as artists.

The last song on The Peace and the Panic is “Where Do We Go When We Go.” It’s the most popular of the other songs that have been released from this album. For good reason, too, this song is a definite win for the band. It has a great beat, and a catchy chorus that spreads a positive message.

The Peace and the Panic is set to release on Hopeless Records today, August 18th, and can be pre-ordered at this link

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