Mellencamp Easy Target Review

John Mellencamp – “Easy Target” Single Review

Mellencamp Easy TargetJohn Mellencamp has released a new song entitled “Easy Target.” Unfortunately,John seems to have missed the target anyway. I applaud his attempt at keeping the plight of African Americans living in the inner city on the forefront, but this sad, nay, depressing rendition of the dire straits faced by many young blacks is empty.

I cannot judge his sincerity, but the meaning and purpose of the song is undetectable to this listener. At times, the lyric is so confusing I cannot tell if its perspective is from the sufferers or from those of us who should be feeling guilty about the suffering. But, in any event, there are no moments of poignancy revealed which would seem to be a must have in a song with the magnitude of this issue.

On the slightly less darker side of this song, the strings and piano combine to give the music a serious but not quite haunting backdrop to the lyric. John’s voice is reminiscent of Tom Waits which also adds the right amount of seriousness, but the lyrics just don’t measure up.

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