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Hello 80’s – Alison Moyet

SOTD: Alison Moyet – “Reassuring Pinches”

Alison Moyet is the iconic voice we grew to love as part of the sweet 80’s synth-rock duo Yaz (or Yazoo if you hail from the UK). Along with Vince Clark, Moyet delivered a handful of early alt-rock hits during their brief two album career together early in the 80’s.  This week, we were gifted with some new music from the legendary singer.

“Reassuring Pinches,” the new track is an early glimpse into what to expect on her forthcoming new album Other which hits the streets on June 16th.   The single is a bit darker than what you’d expect from Yaz, but it’s just as addictive.  Moyet’s voice is truly compelling and it’s a track worth a listen.

Check out our Song of the Day – “Reassuring Pinches”:

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