Godfathers - You Don't Love Me

Godfathers – You Don’t Love Me

Godfathers – You Don’t Love Me – The Un-Valentines SOTD

Happy Valentine’s Day you hopeless romantics out there. In honor of this lovely holiday, it seemed appropriate to celebrate with a song about love. Oh, this is not a love song, but rather an opportunity for the heartbroken to lick their wounds and make room for their next romantic foil.

The Godfathers are punk rock legends who hit their pinnacle in the 80’s but who are still making compelling rock music.  The band who broke through with the anthem of the miserable, “Birth, School, Work, Death” in 1988 are still delivering entertaining music to generations of fans.

“You Don’t Love Me” is garage punk perfection: Peter Coyne’s raw, gritty vocals are juxtaposed against sweet harmonies, while we are immersed in a chest thrusting romp through a heartbroken mind.  The Godfathers still have it. This song is a blast to listen to and the band sounds sharp and energized. This song deserves the same attention their 1988 hit did, but in today’s barren rock radio landscape that’s sadly a longshot. Check it out here and share with other discerning rock music fans:

The single can be found on the recently released new album Big Bad Beautiful Noise on Metropolis Records.

Additional info on The Godfathers here: http://www.godfathers.uk.com/

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