Glassmaps – Summer Rain

Glassmaps is the solo project of Joel Stein, who you probably recognize as the lead guitarist of the often brooding and always intimate Howling Bells. After a decade and a handful of albums with the band, Stein has broke free with a compelling new sound that feels like a nice step up from his old band.

“Summer Rain” is a soulful new song, offering a hypnotizing musical track and distinctively infectious vocals from Stein, who embraces his chance to shine behind the mic.  And shine he does, both on guitar and vocals.  His guitar work is slinky and gritty and the perfect accompaniment to the track, and his mesmerizing vocals sweetly drip through he speakers.

As we deal with the nonstop summer rain that has hit Florida over the past month, I can say that Glassmap’s “Summer Rain” is a refreshing change of pace that is a treat to my ears.  Check it out for yourself here:


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