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Gabriel and the Apocalypse Interview

Gabriel and the Apocalypse are a rock ‘n roll band whose unique style of lyrics are making waves in the world of metal. It’s apparent that their newest album, Ghost Parade shocks the mind into thinking about how our world operates while driving hard issues in the realm of humanity and animal decency.

I had a chance to interview the talented vocalist Lindy Gabriel. She opened my eyes and motivated me to think about how I was contributing to the pain and suffering in the world. I look forward to great things for this group and I hope to cover their show here in Florida someday.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce the real, hardcore and down to earth, Gabriel and the Apocalypse.

Heather – I love the song “Thrill of the Kill.” I feel the song conveys extreme passion for the love and light but there is this bad energy permeating the world that most do not know of. Who is responsible for the written word in this powerful song?

Lindy Gabriel – I am responsible for writing all the lyrics, lyrically is was the last set of lyrics I wrote for The Ghost Parade and I wanted to write about something I had never written about. In a nutshell “Thrill of The Kill” is about animal cruelty, in all aspects whether it be factory farming, animal testing, trophy hunting, the dairy industry, etc. Being that I am involved in animal rights I thought it made sense for me to write about something I am so passionate about and get my message heard.  My goal with this song is to make people stop and think, take responsibility, for people to realized that they are directly involved in these unnecessary practices. You are paying for the torturing and suffering of animals if you are buying these products. It was my goal to put a spotlight on the subject and open people’s eyes to a part of the world that is kept in the dark.” You can see the subject come to life in the video for “Thrill of The Kill” that we just released.

Heather – Your newest album, Ghost Parade has some very raw emotion on display. Did you have any help writing this album? What history in your life motivated you to write some of these songs?

Lindy Gabriel – The music usually starts with Jake and then he brings it to the band to add the extra sparkle. We give our input and change and add things to the songs at that point. The only co-write we had on this record was “Beauty Under Glass.” Once the songs are done musically, I pretty much lock myself away and submerge myself in the songs. At the time I wrote a good portion of the record, I was dealing with a lot of personal issues, going through things I had never experienced before. Trying to save someone that had a heroin addiction, I had never before been exposed to that world and it was sad, draining mentally and physically. Seeing someone you love turn into a ghost. The whole idea of “The Ghost Parade” was inspired by that experience. On the other side the record is about society becoming ghosts. We’re so consumed with social media, who wore it best, getting 1000 likes on a photo, superficial things, floating through life, on our phones and not paying attention to the important things, focusing our energy on things that don’t really  matter.

Heather – Songwriter and guitarist Jake LaCore is amazing! I am fascinated by how he loves that guitar. How did he come about learning to play? Any influences?

Jake LaCore – I started playing guitar at a young age.  My dad taught me a few songs and it just kind of took off from there.  I really like the 90’s era of grunge / rock / metal guitarists.  (Metallica, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, STP, Tool).

Heather – I’ve heard some wonderful things about Pavement Entertainment. Can you tell me what you like most about them? What makes them different from other labels?

Lindy Gabriel –  Pavement Entertainment is a record label out of Chicago. What really made us want to work with them is the fact that they didn’t want to change us. They give us 100% creative control of our art and that has always been really important to us. Tim King who is the VP of Pavement has really been hands on with us. We turn to him for advice and insight. Not only is he on the business side but being that he is in the band Soil he understands the artist side as well.

Heather – I researched that GATA was your brainchild and your dream started in 2002 via your national support tour around the U.S.. Have you gone through the years trying to switch it up and make a talented and cohesive group that was a fit for what you imagined GATA to be?

Lindy Gabriel -I’ve been in bands through the years and had many line ups but I feel GATA really took shape and became what I imagined it to be in 2011, that’s when we released New World Disaster and started to tour. Since then we have continued to grow and I feel that we have really found who we are. I feel more confident as a writer, and as person. I’m ready to show everyone who GATA is!

Heather – Your videos are shocking yet I cannot take my eyes away. Do you have any creative responsibility in the making of these?

Lindy Gabriel –  I usually start out with an idea and concept for a music video and I take that idea to the video producer and they add on to the idea from there. I have all these crazy things in my head and I turn it over to the video producer to help me make it come to life. I strive to have videos that are a bit different, that push the envelope, that are artistic and convey a message or an emotion.

Heather – I feel as if you tell a story about those of us who get involved with someone and it ends wrong in the song “Until We Dream.” Am I correct in my interpretation? The line,” Now I’m drowning just to save you, till we dream,” is why I think of this.

Lindy Gabriel – Yes. I wrote that about the person I was involved with that had a drug addiction. I did everything to try to save this person, I spent so much energy on it that I felt I was going under too and while I was trying to help this person they up and left my life and disappeared. The whole situation was devastating to me but it fueled so many emotions that was useful for writing.

Heather – I look forward to seeing you guys rise up and get well known.  Do you have any goals for the future? Perhaps a little tour here in Florida is in the works?

Lindy Gabriel – This past October we played a few shows in FL, we had a great time and everyone seemed to really appreciate us, we definitely want to go back. We are heading out on tour for the summer with Wednesday 13 and Once Human, we won’t be hitting FL on this run but perhaps our next tour.

There you have it, Gabriel and the Apocalypse taking the world by storm with their uplifting, raw music and benevolent spirits. Always up for a challenge and doing it their way! This writer is very glad to have played a part in their success and I hope more of the world will come to know them as I have. I anticipate seeing these guys live in Denver, Colorado soon. I will keep you all posted and write a review of the show when I get back home.

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