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Five Punk Bands Rocked The Beacham

Nothing, Nowhere, Broadside, Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts, and Real Friends came together to host an epic show on Wednesday night at Orlando’s Beacham Theatre.

The five hour show was started off with Nothing, Nowhere, a smaller punk rock band with a pretty awesome sound. They set the mood for how the rest of the show would play out, which was a good sign for the many fans in attendance. Nothing, Nowhere had more of an electronic sound than typical punk rock, but they pulled it off well and put on a great performance that got the crowd excited.

Nothing, Nowhere (Photo: Jaydee Grice)

Broadside followed after Nothing, Nowhere, and were able to bring even more energy to the show. It was quickly apparent that these artists that toured together were truly a perfect fit for one another. They were able to compliment each other’s styles without clashing.

Have Mercy (Photo: Jaydee Grice)

Next up was Have Mercy, one of the more popular acts of the show. They brought a great sound, and an awesome presence with their performance. When they turned on the disco ball, the whole crowd went wild. Brian Swindle absolutely entranced the crowd with his emotion-filled vocals, and meaningful words. Have Mercy definitely owned the show that night.

Tiny Moving Parts was probably the most entertaining act of all. Not only were the singer and guitarist into the performance, the drummer showed up dressed in Hawaiian shorts and a clashing flower button-down that ended up unbuttoned by the end of the show. The best thing about this band is just how much they seem to enjoy their time on stage.

Tiny Moving Parts (Photo: Jaydee Grice)

Real Friends was undoubtedly the star of the show, though, and they brought the energy to a new level. The crowd was fixated on the band, reaching towards the members and pouring their hearts into singing along. One of the best parts of concerts is seeing just how the music has impacted so many lives.

Throughout the entire concert, there were quite a few crowd surfers, and a bit of moshing as well. The crowd at this concert was really able to bond with one another through a shared love of music. There was actually one song that Real Friends asked everyone to put their phones away for, and just enjoy the moment together. This was quite a concept, but definitely a refreshing experience, and more artists should try it.

These artists together made an excellent punk show take place. What punk rockers would you choose to perform together?

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