Emarosa – October 6th – Tampa, FL

I went down to the wonderful Orpheum Theater in beautiful Ybor City, Tampa, I really do think that the Orpheum is one of the best venues in all of Tampa. I generally get there a little early, but not too early, because I don’t like waiting, but I like to see the opening acts.

So… this time, I am waiting, and I’m looking around at all the cool kids, I am certainly one of, if not the oldest person in the place, which I am comfortable with. There is a vague scent of Patchouli in the air, or skunky weed, I can never tell the difference. The Cleveland Indians are playing as well, and I keep looking at the score, they are heading into the bottom of the 9th all tied up. I’m getting a little anxious. There is a tapestry behind the drum kit marked “A Lot Like Birds.”

This band was immediately impressive. The five piece from Sacramento combined passionate lyrics with snarling heaviness and a sound that hovered around rumble. They had dueling singers, one more of a screamer, were tight musically, with both singers just a scosche off key, but that didn’t matter. I highly recommend going to see them live. Mind you there were about 75 people as A Lot Like Birds set ended.

Emarosa raised its banner as the band crept up on stage with lead singer Bradley Walden melting the girls hearts in the crowd, which now consisted of 50 people. But Walden’s boy band good looks captivated the crowd as they sped through songs from their new record 131, along with a few from 2014’s Versus. Emarosa is primed for a bigger stage, and I am not entirely sure why the band doesn’t have more of a following than they do. Walden made his way down from up above into the die hard circle of fans to show the band’s appreciation for showing up during such a sad week for the concert industry and humanity in general… think Las Vegas. Emarosa filled the space with a much needed positive vibe.

With that being said, the show was worth the drive downtown, and I hope Emarosa and A Lot Like Birds comes back soon.

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