ELO – Rockaria

ELO – Rockaria: Song of the Day

ELO - RockariaIn my sweat-soaked, grease covered, white outfit, I toiled over a huge basin of filthy dishes. It was closing time at Lite Bite and my buddy Tim and I were cleaning up after a booming dinner, apparently served to sloppy diners by messy cooks. As was our custom, we started discussing our favorite bands and arguing over their best songs while we toiled away. On this night, ELO was in the spotlight. In honor of their recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, I figured I’d highlight them with this week’s Throwback Thursday Song of the Day.

Tim was a lot smarter than me and knew much more music than I, but on this night I was prepared with a deep album find that would win the day from their 1976 smash release A New World Record.  We mentioned “Strange Magic,” “Do Ya,” Evil Woman” and “Telephone Line;” all great songs but I was about to unleash their best.

I dramatically tossed the sponge into the fetid water and offered up “Rockaria” – only I pronounced it as if it rhymed with diarrhea.  Tim smugly corrected me.  “It’s Rock – aria. You know, like the big vocal highlight from an opera.”  Tim was right, and my triumphant moment was gone like the crusty beef gravy smeared on the dinner platters.  From a band like Electric Light Orchestra, I should have known better.  It’s not my fault that they never mention the title once in the lyrics…

Well, screw you Tim, I still love the song, and despite the big letdown in a sweltering kitchen on the edge of the Pine Barrens, I’m still going to enjoy this one.

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