Eddie Money Velvet Sessions - Photo: Jackie Creedon

Eddie Money Rocks Velvet Sessions

Eddie Money Velvet Sessions Show Review

In front of a packed house at Hard Rock Hotel’s Velvet Sessions, classic rock legend Eddie Money put on a hell of a show Thursday Night.  Money’ seventy-five set was filled with fan favorites that left the appreciative crowd well-satiated.

Money is certainly an older version of the 80’s icon many of the fans in the audience adored back in the heyday of music videos.  He’s matured a bit since those days and now leads a clean sober life, but the man can still rock.  He delivered fifteen of his classic songs, in a set that never wavered from his aim to give the fans what they want.

Money took the stage twirling a tambourine and dancing happily as the familiar notes of “Baby Hold On” poured through the speakers.  Decked out in dark sunglasses, black leather, and silver chains including a prominent cross, he still dresses the part of a rocker, and still possesses a damn good rock ‘n roll voice.

He’s not as spry as he used to be, but he still moves around the stage well, and spent the set connecting with his fans.  We saw play sax on a few songs, including a nice solo on “I Wanna Go Back” and harmonica on “No Control.”

Eddie Money Velvet Sessions - Photo: Jackie Creedon
Eddie Money Velvet Sessions – Photo: Jackie Creedon

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When I interviewed Eddie Money a few days before the show, he mentioned he was going to need the crowd to chip in and sing Ronnie’s part in “Take Me Home Tonight,” as he was traveling without a female singer for this show.  But. luckily for us, he changed his mind, and flew his daughter Jessica (Jesse) out for the show.  She boasted a nice rock ‘n roll voice and added a nice touch to the evening.

An early highlight was “One More Soldier Coming Home” which he dedicated to the US Troops in general and to one specific veteran who just returned home and was watching from the VIP section.

And, I loved the encore which kicked off with “Life For the Taking” featuring great guitar work from longtime guitarist Tommy Girvin. Money then offered up a nice surprise, the seldom played and under-appreciated “Everybody Rock & Roll the Place,” before closing the night with a killer version of “Shakin.”

Glad you all could make it, welcome to the show
I see the lights, wanna rock and roll – Eddie Money, “Everybody Rock & Roll the Place”

A big shout out to the staff of Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando.  Every Velvet Sessions experience is great, and this night was no different. The complimentary cocktail party before the show is legendary for the drinks and apps,  but I was more impressed by the staff who offer superb customer service, from the valets, to the servers to the management.

Eddie Money Velvet Sessions - Photo: Jackie Creedon
Eddie Money Velvet Sessions – Photo: Jackie Creedon

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Rock On!

Eddie Money Velvet Sessions Setlist

Baby Hold On
We Should Be Sleeping
Walk on Water
One More Soldier Coming Home
Endless Nights
I Wanna Go Back
No Control
Give Me Some Water
Take Me Home Tonight
Think I’m In Love
Two Tickets for Paradise
Life for the Taking
Everybody Rock & Roll the Place




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