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Shakin’ With the Money Man Before He Rocks Orlando’s Velvet Sessions

Eddie Money is a legendary performer who ruled rock music airwaves for long stretches of the 70’s and 80’s.  Despite some well known struggles with addiction, he’s stood the test of time and is doing better than ever.  Simply put, Eddie has got his act together. He’s happy, he feels great and he still has that iconic voice. Orlando rock fans are the beneficiaries, as he’s headed to The City Beautiful for this week’s Velvet Sessions.

Our conversation was like reconnecting with an old friend. Eddie Money is a caring, funny guy who loves his family, is proud of his accomplishments and relishes his fans, as you’ll see in the interview below.

Ticket information is provided below the interview.

 Velvet Sessions

Cretin: Have you played Velvet Sessions before?

Eddie Money: Oh yeah, I’ve done that before. It’s a lot of fun. It’s really fantastic.  I’ve done two or three (Velvet Sessions) and the people are great and the turnout is fantastic. That’s the venue where there are free drinks served before the show.

Cretin: Velvet Sessions tickets include free butlered appetizers and desserts and a ninety minute happy hour before the show featuring a free selection of premium drinks and beers. It is Orlando’s rock ‘n roll cocktail party.

Pets for Vets

Eddie Money: We’ll be selling T-shirts for the (Pets For Vets) charity.  You’ve seen the ASPCA commercials where the dogs are chained up, freezing in the cold and not being paid any attention to?  This group rescues those dogs and teaches them how to take care of wounded Veterans. It’s really an amazing program.

This is a true story.  I met a guy in a wheelchair about six months ago and he told his little beagle “Toby go get me my cell phone.” That little dog goes about thirty feet away and pulls a cell phone out of his wife’s purse and brought he cell phone back and I said “This is amazing.”

He took the dog by the cheeks and looked him in the eye and said “Toby, this is the wrong cell phone, I need my cell phone.” And, the dog brought the cell phone back to the wife’s purse, put it back and pulled out his cell phone.

So we support Pets for Vets, it’s a great organization.  We sell the t-shirts and raise a lot of money, and help out the Vets and the pets. And we’ll be doing that Thursday at Velvet Sessions.

More Info if you can’t make the show: Healing vets and saving pets

Eddie Money
His Florida Connection

I have a lot of friends from Orlando.  I had a summer place in Palm Coast right on the Intracoastal. It was gorgeous. I sold it but we have a lot of friends from that area; Daytona Beach to Orlando, so we’ll have a lot of friends at the show. And we have a lot of friends at that big radio station, WMMO.


Cretin: Playing at an intimate venue like this, do you switch up your set at all?

Eddie Money: We’ll be plugged in so we’ll play our normal songs.  I’ll start with “Baby Hold On,” and then a song for all of the ladies from the 80’s, “Endless Nights,” and then we play “Walk On Water.” Then we do a song I wrote called “One More Soldier Coming Home,” which I send to all of the Vets.  We play about 14 songs…  (we discussed most of the setlist, but we need to leave some of the suspense for now…)

His Health

I haven’t had a drink in nine years and haven’t touched a cigarette in four years.  When you’re raising kids, you want to try to set a good example…  I feel great, I still have all of my hair and my voice sounds good, and I got my weight down.

Playing Sax

I still play it on stage.  And I feel like I’m actually getting better.  You’ll hear it on “Wanna Be a Rock ‘n Roll Star,” on “Trinidad” and “I Wanna Go Back.”

Touring Band

Cretin: Who will be traveling out to Florida with you for this show?

Eddie Money:  The original Eddie Money Band is coming out with me. Tommy Girvin is an amazing guitar player, Lee Beverly who has played bass with me for 20 years, and my keyboard player is Chris Grove, who played with Survivor a long time.

Take Me Home Tonight

Cretin: So, there’s no woman in the band Thursday night. Who sings Ronnie’s part?

Eddie Money: Usually my daughter Jessica comes out and sings it with me, but she won’t be there, so the audience will need to sing it.  They love it, and the girls love to sing “Be my little baby.”

Emotional Music

Eddie Money: About two weeks ago, I was playing a show and this really attractive young lady is in the front row,right below my feet, I look down and she’s crying her eyes out with her eye make-up running down her cheeks.  I was singing and couldn’t talk to her, but then the guitar solo came around and I bent down to talk to her, and she said “You…you’re standing on my fingers.”


Make sure you make it out to Velvet Sessions or catch Eddie any time he’s in your area.  He puts on a killer show, and he’s got some great stories…

Come on and do a little shakin’ with the Money man, he’s got two tickets, but he’s taking everybody…

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