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As if you didn’t know, Earthday Birthday 24, presented by WJRR, Orlando’s rock station, is this Saturday. WJRR has just released the set times for all of the acts on this year’s stacked lineup, except for the acoustic stage, which will be featuring prominent local acts like Soulswitch and Dark Summer.

To see the set times listed, and buy tickets (as if you haven’t already) check out the WJRR page . I personally am looking forward to seeing my hometown heroes, The Supervillains from 1:10 to 1:40, Living Colour from 2:15 to 2:55, and Candlebox from 5:35 to 6:00.

Unlike Warped tour or Welcome to Rockville, you don’t have to pick and choose which band you want to go see, because the awesome folks who put this all together have arranged the sets in such a way that you can see every act if you hustle the short distance between stages.

If a band is playing that you may not have so much interest in, you can stop over and enjoy some Porkies BBQ or sip some of Tito’s handmade vodka. If eating delicious barbecue or tasting delightful flavored vodkas aren’t your thing, there is also the Colours Couture tattoo expo and body piercing thing happening in the expo hall, helicopter rides and even a fireworks show. I mean, come on, if Earthday Birthday 24 doesn’t offer something you’re into, just admit it – You are a very dull person and have no business reading an awesome rock blog, do you?

EDBD Body Painting
EDBD Body Painting

But seriously, if you are kind of on the fence about shelling out your hard earned dough to see this show, trust me- it’s worth it. Did I mention the lineup? Where else are you going to see this many great bands for that price, (see above link for lineup and set times), or get the chance to enjoy our beautiful weather before it turns into Death Valley, now with added humidity?

If you have purchased tickets, I hope to see you all out there. Leave us a link to your Facebook page so we can be friends. Then you will stay up-to-date on all the great rock shows that come to central Florida and more, like artist interviews, single and album reviews, song of the day and much more!

Stay tuned for the EDBD24 review coming up next week, and until then keep rocking, and we urge you to listen to music responsibly. Don’t listen to pop and drive – Make sure it’s Rock! #1011WJRR

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